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Recommended databases for Social Work

Writing in APA Style

Recommended Reference Books

Recommended from the Main Stacks

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The Family. Marriage. Home.

HQ 1-1064
   Children. Child Development. HQ 767-792
   Youth. Adolescents. Teenagers. HQ 793-799

Socials Service. Social work. Charity Organization and practice.

HV 40-525
The church and charity. HV 530
International social work. HV 544.5
Refugee problems. HV 640-645
Protection, assistance and relief. HV 697-4959
Degeneration. HV 4961-4995
Alcoholism. HV 5001-5720.5
Drug Habits. Drug Abuse. HV 5800-5840
Personality disorders. Behavior problems. (including drug abuse) RC 554-569

Open Access E-Theses and Dissertations

Be aware that many of the recommended databases on the "Databases" tab will also contain theses and dissertations.

Students in the Social Work program will typically use APA style in their academic research. Here are some helpful resources.

Here are some helpful tutorials related to Social Work

Writing Literature Reviews


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