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Tips for Online Students: Guide Home

Library Services for Online Students


As an online student (Undergraduate, Graduate, or PSEO) you have access to all of the NCU Online Resources. 
Use this guide to help navigate the library website. The library provides the following (all Free) services for
online students:

  • Research Help
  • Chat with a Librarian 24/7
  • Interlibrary Loan for scholarly articles when full-text isn't available.
How Do I Access Online Library Resources?

  • Bookmark TJ Jones Library on your device at (or this guide if you like.)
  • In MOODLE, use the Blue TJ Jones Logo to link directly to the library website. 
  • Use your NCU login credentials (same as MOODLE) to access Databases and eBooks.*

*As an online student you may be asked to enter NCU login credentials (same as MOODLE) the first time you access a link for a specific online resource. Once you've done this the first time, your web browser should recognize your NCU login and be set until you come back at another time or the browser session ends.

Navigate the Library Homepage

The library's resources and services are organized in the Main Tabs (Blue colored) located along the top of the library website and the "Quicklinks" box to the left-side (scroll to bottom on a mobile device.) 

Popular Tabs for Online Students:

  • All Guides (Subject-based & Help guides that highlight the most relevant online and print resources for your subject area, find topic ideas, quality websites, tutorials, and more) 
  • All Databases (Find scholarly journal articles, eBooks, eNewspapers, popular eMagazines, and more)
  • Contact and FAQ (Online troubleshooting tips. Reach out for any type of question--we're happy to help!)

Where to Start: 

  • All of NCU's research databases are accessible from off-campus. Some databases and eBooks (but not all) are included in JonesSearch, so you can start there to discover a mix of articles/eBooks or find a specific title.

Advanced Research:

How to use the BIG Search Box for a JonesSearch: 

The JonesSearch Box searches our Print AND Online resources together. You will need to filter results for online articles and eBooks.



1. If you search for a specific title such as "Misreading Scripture with Western eyes..."

  • If there's an eBook version you will see the "View eBook" button by default. You may see that we have copies of both an eBook AND a print version in the same search result.  

Jones Search catalog view showing an eBook result for the title Misreading Scripture with Western eyes.


  • You can always go directly to the eBook results by selecting the eBook checkbox on the Left side menu (Mobile devices usually have a button at the top called "Refine This Search")

Shows a view of checkbox options for how to limit to eBooks in the Jones Search catalog

2. If you search by a subject or topic such as Christology

  • Use the menu on the Left side (Mobile devices usually have a button near the top called "Refine This Search") to LIMIT the search to articles and eBooks.  

Jones Search catalog view showing how to limit results to online articles and eBooks for a Christology topic.


  • Online items as seen in the example below.

Shows the new result list in Jones Search after limiting to online articles and eBooks only.

How to get an article that's Not Available Full-Text in a database

Why does a database show results for articles that you can’t access full-text online?

Well, each publisher and publication has different pay models and restrictions regarding how they allow their content to be accessed and some just don’t play well with database vendors. They allow databases to show the records of their articles but don’t allow access to the full text of the articles via these databases.

But don’t give up! The library has a way for you to gain access to the articles you need—even if they’re not available full-text online through our databases. Video tutorial for Interlibrary Loan Request

  1. Clicking the article's title link will open the record of an article that interests you. 
  2.  You may see an "interlibrary loan request" link in some article records. Click on it, otherwise, Click on “Interlibrary loan request form” in the Quicklinks box on the main library webpage (scroll down on mobile devices.)
  3. Provide your information in the top part of the form.
  4. Indicate that you are requesting an article.
  5. Fill in the boxes that display by copying and pasting from the article record that you have open in the database.

When you’ve filled all the required fields, submit the form. The interlibrary loan team at TJ Jones will process your request by requesting the article from another library. They will send us a pdf of the article, and we will email it to your NCU email. This is a quick process—sometimes within 24 hours. And it’s free for you!


Library eBooks

You may need to consider using eBooks depending on your research topic or class. eBook Databases are searchable by keywords, subjects, topics, and browse. You can even search within a specific eBook and view individual chapters. See our full eBooks guide for more info.

TJ Jones has various eBook options:

  • EBSCO eBooks Database (Best Bet for full-text books on Biblical, Ministry, Pastoral Studies, and many more topics of all subject areas!)
  • CREDO Reference Database (Many Biblical Dictionaries and Commentaries & ALL subjects or topic areas)

  • Open Access eBooks: Open Access eBooks are just that, meant to be freely available online to the general public! Many publishers, academics, colleges & universities create Open Access eBooks. Many collections exist all over the world, but there are a few key places you can search. Many Open Access eBook titles will show up in a JonesSearch and in EBSCO eBooks, but direct searching can be helpful.
  • Class eTextbooks: Some of your classes will have an eBook available for your textbook(s) though not all do. You should find it in your Moodle course. A list is posted in our eBooks guide for every Fall & Spring semester.

Are you an Online student living in MN?

There are additional options for you to consider if you're an online student at NCU and live in MN.

  • eBooks Minnesota

  • Your local Public Library. MN has a very active, State-wide Interlibrary Loan Service for print books! Most public libraries can help you get a print book from a partner library. Hennepin and Ramsey County have many online research databases too. Check with your County. 

  • A State College/University Library (i.e. University of Minnesota, Mankato State, etc.) near you. Check policies on their website for visitor access & services. 

  • Visit NCU's campus & use T.J. Jones Library print books. Most library items have a generous checkout period. On a case-by-case basis, we will work with you to accommodate extended renewals or checkout periods depending on the item and if you live over an hour away from campus. 


Are you an Online student living outside MN/USA?

Additional recommendations for print books or other online content:

  1. Check your local Public Library and/or if a State or National College/University allows general public visitors.
  2. Some Public Library systems have Interlibrary Loan services for Print books.


Research Help

The library offers one-on-one research consultations to help you with your library research. Whether you are just starting a project or nearing the end, friendly library staff is available to help you find the best resources.

Use the Contact page (Blue Tab) to find options to connect via email, chat, phone or find a specific Librarian.

See a Subject Guide for help with choosing a database. See Tips for Grad Students or Undergrad Senior Project

NCU Student Account and ID Access

     If you have questions or issues with your student account/ID or NCU password/username, please contact the IT Department.

     IT Wiki and Request Help: 

Library Hours & Events

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