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Applied Studies: Career Exploration

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Vocational Exploration 

The purpose is to explore in-depth, the vocational aspects of your specific applied field/career. Use this guide to find relevant resources that will help you research your area of interest and answer some of the following questions:

  • What is the current status of my chosen occupational area?
  • Can I find a basic job description?
  • What education or training will I need for this career?
  • Job market projections: Is my career field growing? Are jobs in this field increasing or decreasing? 
  • Places of employment: Where will I work? Who's hiring?
  • What is a "typical day" of work in my field?
  • How much income/salary can I expect to make?
  • Job postings: Where do I look? What are employers looking for in a candidate? What are some of the requirements or qualifications for this job? 

 This is just a start. Keep brainstorming your own questions!