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Recommended databases for Children & Family Ministries

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Developmental Psychology

BF 712-724.85
Ecclesiastical Theology BV 5-530
Church management. Efficiency BV 652

 Ministry. Clergy. Religious Vocations. 

BV 659-683
Church finance. Church property. BV 770-777
The Church and Children.

BV 639 .C4

Religious Education

BV 1460-1615

Preaching. Homiletics.                       BV 4200-4317

The Family. Marriage. Home.

Children. Child Development.

HQ 1-1064 

HQ 767-792   

Youth. Adolescents. Teenagers. HQ 783-799

Key Journals for Children & Family Ministries

Open Access E-Theses and Dissertations

Be aware that many of the recommended databases on the "Databases" tab will also contain theses and dissertations.

Citation Styles 
There are many citation styles for academic research. What style you should use will depend on the discipline or your professor's preference. When in doubt, check your syllabus or ask your professor what citation style to use for their course.


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