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Recommended databases for Business

Recommended Reference Books

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Economics (theory, science, history)

HB 1-130
Subtopics of economic theory
(price, demand, welfare theory, etc.)
HB 201-3840
Economic history (of specific places) HC 10-1085

Industries. Land use. Labor.

HD 28-9999
Management HD 28-70
Commerce HF 1-6182
Business HF 5001-6182
Business Ethics HF 5387
Marketing HF 5410-5417
Accounting HF 5601-5689
Finance HG 1-9999
Public Finance HJ 9-9940
Commercial Law K 100-1395

Open Access E-Theses and Dissertations

Be aware that many of the recommended databases on the "Databases" tab will also contain theses and dissertations.

Market Data & Company Research


News, Blogs & Media

Topics in Business


Writing in Business

Students in the Business program will typically use APA style in their academic research. Here are some helpful resources.


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