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Word Studies

Step 2


Now that you have discovered the Hebrew/Greek terms used in your passage, you are ready to look up other occurrences of your word. Keep in mind that you are looking up other occurrences of the Hebrew/Greek term, not the English translation.


Look Up Other Occurrences

Scroll down to find your word in the table below the Hebrew or Greek text. Click on the "Strong's" number that corresponds to your word.

This will provide search results for all occurrences of your Hebrew/Greek term. So, instead of searching through the English translation of teh word "Listen," you are actually searching through the Hebrew text of the Old Testament for all inflections of the word shama'.


Too Many Results?

The Lexicon results are now displayed, which include the basic definition of your term. Scroll down and find the concordance results (the most valuable information in a word study).

Depending on the word you select, you may have far too many results to properly analyze. In the example I have used, there are a total of 146 occurrences through 83 verses of the word shama'. If I wanted to limit the number of verses to analyze, I could restrict my search to a genre. Since I began my search in Isaiah (a prophetic book), I can limit myself to analyzing how this term is used within all of the prophetic books. Another option is to limit my search to all the occurrences in a single book.