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Recommended databases for Pastoral Studies

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Worship (public and private)

BV 5-530
   Christian symbols and symbolism BV 150-168
   Liturgy and ritual BV 169-199


BV 205-287
Ecclesiastical theology BV 590-1652
   Church management. Efficiency BV 652-652.9
   Ministry. Clergy. Religious vocations BV 659-683
   Church finance. Church property BV 770-777
Sacraments. Ordinance BV 800-873
   Baptism BV 803-814
   Holy Communion. Lord's supper. Eucharist BV 823-828
   Marriage BV 835-838
Religious education (general) BV 1460-1615
Missions BV 2000-3705
Evangelism. Revivals BV 3750-3799
Pastoral theology BV 4000-4470
   Education BV 4019-4180
   Preaching. Homiletics BV 4200-4317
   Practical church work. Social work. Work of the layman BV 4400-4470
Practical religion. The Christian life BV 4485-5099
Moral theology BV 4625-4780
Works of meditation and devotion BV 4800-4897
Works of consolation and cheer BV 4900-4911
Conversion Literature BV 4912-4950

Open-Access E-Theses and Dissertations

Be aware that many of the recommended databases on the "Databases" tab will also contain theses and dissertations.

Associations & Organizations

Ministry-Related Websites & Resources

Citation Styles 
What style you should use will depend on the discipline or your professor's preference. When in doubt, check your syllabus or ask your professor what citation style to use for their course.


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